Crystal LymphWaves Laser: Takes light energy to the next level

The Crystal LymphWaves laser (CLW) combines the benefits of laser light with those of blue, red and white Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to address a wide range of skeletal and soft tissue injuries. This remarkable device helps accelerate the repair of injuries like tendon and ligament sprains, strains and tears, and slow healing wounds and even promotes new bone growth in stablized bone fractures by assisting the body to make new cells. Laser and LED light used at precise frequencies on damaged tissue has a regenerative, decongesting and detoxifying effect. CLW accelerates healthy cell replication, facilitating the enhanced healing of wounds, soft tissue injuries, skin irritations and lesions.
This amazing device has both restorative short-term and cumulative long-term effects. CLW helps reduce pain, inflammation and loss of function caused by injuries to tendons, ligaments, fascia and muscle. CLW modulates the response of many immune mediated cells, (white blood cells, immunoglobulins and fibroblasts) which decreases the risk of developing allergic and autoimmune responses in the body. By increasing the production of our cellular fuel, ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phospate) the body’s energy stores are replenished, allowing for amino acids to form proteins, which faciliates tissue repair. Over time, through epigenetic improvements in overall cellular function, CLW promotes the replication of healthier DNA.

How CLW works:

The light energies emitted from CLW are be aimed and adjusted to achieve specific tissue depths that address tissue repair in a gentle, painless but very effective way. The light source is placed in contact with or about a half inch above the area to be addressed allowing the photons (light energy) to penetrate the tissue. Sessions are tipically 30-60 minutes depending on the number of areas to be worked on. Adding Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) sessions improves the effectiveness of the CLW by accelerating the removal of toxins released from the injured area.

Who would benefit from using the Crystal LymphWave Laser?

  • Any athlete with an acute musculoskeletal / connective tissue injury looking for a way to decrease the downtime typically necessary to get back to their pre-injury activities.

  • Someone who has sustained any soft tissue injury (sprain,strain, bruising, contusion or inflammation) from a fall or other injury.

  • Any individual who has keloids, scar tissue or myofascial restrictions (like plantars fascitis or a muscle cramp) that are impacting daily activities by creating pain and or limiting range of motion.

  • Those who have a chronic non-healing wound (such as a venous stasis ulcer) that hasn’t responded to traditional therapies.

  • Anyone looking to reduce the inflammed, reddened and congested appearance of acne breakouts and accelerate new skin growth. CLW can also prevent the recurrence of some forms of acne by facilitating mitochondrial repair which normalizes function in the dermal skin layer.

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