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Whole Body Thermography

Knowing where functional changes exist in the body is crucial to identifying where physical stress exists. This gentle, painless, non-invasive testing method often Identifies problems years before symptoms surface.

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ZYTO Scan: Galvanic Skin Response Testing

Our bodies are constantly processing information coming from our environment. This modality assesses our body’s energetic response to everyday stressors, and helps find ways to optimize our wellbeing.

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DNA Hair Profiler

Testing 4 strands of your hair provides us with information to create a plan to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes through the science of epigenetics.

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Lymphatic Enhancement Technology

Our lymphatic system is critical to ridding our bodies of harmful toxins that otherwise build up in our tissues. This cutting edge drainage therapy improves lymphatic flow and accelerates tissue detoxification.

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Laser Therapy

Soft Tissue Repair and Wound Healing

Utilizing specific wavelengths of light accelerates repair and restoration from acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. This gentle, non-invasive laser promotes tissue healing of slow or non-healingwounds, breaks up scar tissue and removes myofascial restrictions.

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Bioptron Light Therapy

Control Pain and Inflammation

Using the power of pure, polarized, full-spectrum light and colored filters, has healing properties that practitioners worldwide have embraced for decades. Try a session to see how this gentle, safe yet effective therapy can restore, repair and rejuvenate our bodies to perform optimally.

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Ultimate Light

Body Contouring / LipoMelt System

We all have stubborn fatty areas that don’t respond to dieting or targeted exercise. This incredible system liquefies fat so that it can be removed by the body, gently, safely and effectively.

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Asian Bodywork Neuromuscular Rebalancing

Individualized bodywork utilizing a combination of the following modalities: Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Koshi Balancing, Sei-KE, Neuromuscular Rebalancing/Retraining. Colorpuncture. and Divergent Meridian Bodywork

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Voice Mapping Technology

How we perceive our world is often based on faulty belief systems. Identifying these blocks to healing, opens up options for emotional and personal growth.

What Wellness Empowered Offers You

  • Knowledgeable, holistic practitioners who listen, validate, educate and empower you with powerful tools and self-care practices that, when incorporated into your life, create changes that promote a wellness based lifestyle.

  • Safe, non-invasive, gentle scanning technologies that identify where structural, functional and emotional imbalances exist in your body and prioritize the wellness needs.

  • A clear, accurate way to identify important biochemical, environmental, mental and emotional stressors that you were previously unaware of, so that hidden toxins can be safely, gently and effectively eliminated from your body.

  • Recommendations for individualized holistic remedies; homeopathic tinctures, targeted nutrients and natural botanical formulas needed to restore biochemical, functional and emotional balance.

  • Holistic services that work in synergy with your body to help enhance mitochondrial function and increase cellular energy, restore cellular communication, decrease inflammatory stress, facilitate tissue healing, open drainage pathways and eliminate harmful toxins. An individualized, goal oriented wellness plans that inspires you to embrace, achieve and maintain consistent self-care practices that enhance your ability to achieve lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Appropriate referrals within a network of knowledgeable and highly skilled colleagues that we collaborate with to help you achieve your best possible wellness outcomes.

We are a referral only practice.