Cell Well-Being epigenetic hair profiler

How can 4 strands of your hair help improve your decision-making
regarding healthy lifestyle choices?

Unfortunately, our home and work environments are more toxic than ever before. Up to 98% of our gene expression or phenotype is strongly influenced by a multitude of toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, chemicals in our food, air, water and personal care products. Knowing what toxins are affecting our genes is critical in empowering us to take steps to eliminate them. Fortunately, through the emerging field of Epigenetics, we have the potential to release our genetic limitations and open up new possibilities for optimizing our wellness. Human Hair is an amazing, almost indestructible biomarker that carries hundreds of items of information about how our individual genes are expressing. This knowledge empowers us to make changes that will improve how we feel, look and behave.

How Cell-Wellbeing technology works:

4 strands of your hair are obtained;,either from your eyebrows or the back of your head, and placed on a digital scanning device that communicates with an extensive epigenetic database in Hamburg, Germany. In 15 minutes all the digital signatures of the DNA present in those 4 hairs are scanned for hundreds of items of genetic information. The valuable information that is generated enables the practitioner to construct a 90 day plan to support how your cellular DNA expresses in an optimal way.
In many aspects of daily life people are not well supported by their diets and supplemental nutrients that they take. It is often difficult to know which choices to make or path to follow when making decisions to optimize your nutritional intake. Cell-Wellbeing provides the missing pieces to achieve cellular wellness. The information obtained from this simple convenient test, provides accurate ways to address dozens of wellness challenges.

Who would benefit from a Cell-Wellbeing hair profile scan?

  • Anyone who is serious about identifying and eliminating harmful toxins in their home and work environments

  • Those who want to determine what nutrients are needed as well what foods to eliminate for the next 90 days

  • An individual who is empowered to take their health to the next level by making lifestyle changes that will enhance wellbeing

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