Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) is a non-invasive, gentle, detoxification therapy used to improve lymphatic integrity and restore lymphatic flow and function. Our lymphatic system is basically our extracellular sewer system. It assists the body in removing cellular toxins that have been dumped into the miles of lymphatic vessels throughout our body. When our lymphatic vessels back up, intercellular toxins have no where to go, and this creates toxic buildup and organ stress.

How LET works to detoxify and decongest tissues:

Using glass Pyrex bulbs that emit low-energy vibrational frequencies LET encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins accumulated between cells to safely exit through the body's natural elimination channels. This technology dilates lymphatic vessels as well as strengthening the vessel walls, which improves overall lymphatic flow and function.

The benefits of LET:

  • Improves lymphatic flow and accelerates tissue detoxification

  • When done pre-operatively, accelerates recovery by improving lymphatic circulation

  • Decreases post-surgical edema/swelling by clearing out tissue toxins

  • Prevents worsening of, and can reverse early stages of lymphedema

  • Decreases lymphatic swelling due to injury, congestion and fibrotic conditions

  • Diminishes breast pain and reduces swollen breasts caused by lymphatic congestion

  • Reduces acute and chronic pain associated with joint inflammation; including bursitis

  • Useful as a preventative measure for health conscious individuals’ anti-aging regimens by optimizing lymphatic circulation and function

  • Improves athletic performance, injury recovery and promotes vitality by enhancing circulation and promoting tissue detoxification

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