Whole Body Thermometry Scanning

Whole body Thermometry is a full body screening that, unlike other scans that look at our anatomy, evaluates how our organs, glands and systems are able to regulate themselves under stress. When our body parts aren’t communicating with our nervous system in an effective way, functional issues can develop. Thermometry is excellent at identifying functional stress in tissues often years before the body would develop a degenerative change or structural issue. After 20 years of use in Europe, Thermometry has been brought to the US by Dr. Daniel Beilin, who designed the automated technology. The AlfaSight 9000 device (pictured below) is presently used at Wellness Empowered as an effective means to help discover where stressed function exists, which allows the practitioner to be proactive in prevention of future issues.

How Thermometry technology works:

Our skin, brain and spinal cord are connected by thousands of nerves that communicate 24/7. The nerves in our skin provide valuable information about the organs that lie beneath them. Using an infrared wand, the technician measures the temperature of about 100 skin points before and after exposure to 10 minutes of room temperature air. How well the nervous system is able to influence the skin temperature readings at each point reveals valuable information about the functioning of the underlying organs. It enables us to identify organ stress and helps guide us in assisting our clients to restore a balanced, well-functioning body. Many diagnostic tests expose us to unnecessary radiation and trauma. Through Thermometry we now have a gentle, safe, toxin free way to assess functional changes. This non-invasive scan is not presently diagnostic, but rather is used as an adjunct to medical testing.

How Thermometry can benefit me:

Thermometry can accurately recognize issues related to:

  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes/ pancreatic dysfunction)

  • Breast health (cystic and inflammatory changes)

  • Early and present prostate dysfunction

  • Liver disease and detoxification issues

  • Endocrine function (pituitary, thyroid and/or ovaries)

  • Heart function (electrical cardiac conduction issues)

  • Respiratory tract and pulmonary abnormalities

  • Brain toxicity and inadequate blood flow to the brain

  • Dental infections and toxicity (related to metal and dental material)

  • Structural integrity (neuromuscular imbalances)

  • Autonomic dysfunction (changes in the automatic response of the nervous system)

  • Lymphatic system changes causing inflammation, tissue congestion and stagnation

  • Hidden viral and bacterial overgrowth

  • Kidney function and toxicity

  • Abnormally acidic tissues which often precede degenerative changes

Who can get a Thermometry scan?

Any man, woman or child (Age 6 and older) can have Thermometry performed. At Wellness Empowered we see Thermometry as a starting point. It provides us with information that is instrumental in prioritizing what your body wants us to address. The scan takes about 30 minutes to perform, and includes a detailed 7-page report and a one hour appointment with a practitioner to review the results and develop a plan to address any imbalances discovered by the technology.

We are a referral only practice.