ZYTO Scanning Technology

We are all bio-energetic beings, meaning we are living energy continually receiving and responding to millions of changes occurring inside and outside our bodies every day. Through bio-communication every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving energy in the form of specific information to coordinate the millions of functions your body needs to perform every day. ZYTO technology is a scanning device that allows the practitioner to ask the body hundreds of questions in the form of virtual items that are coded into the program's database. The digital signatures of these virtual items are representative of a wide range of things like foods, nutritional supplements, environmental toxins, biochemical processes, and even emotions.

How Zyto technology works:

During a ZYTO scan the hand cradle measures your body's galvanic skin response (GSR) or Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA). A technology similar to that used in lie detectors, GSR is a measure of the electrical changes on the surface of your skin in response to a stimulus. During a ZYTO scan 2 coded virtual items (foods, environmental toxins, biochemical markers, etc.) are transmitted into your body every second through a hand cradle connected to a computer. In response to each item’s unique frequency code, a direct measurement of change in electrical conductivity of the skin is recorded. The data gathered by the hand cradle is evaluated by the ZYTO software in the context of various recorded digital signatures. You can think of ZYTO scans as questionnaires to which your body's GSR data provides the answers. At the completion of a scan, the software's analysis is documented in the form of a report. Information gathered in this way can help you make better decisions for your wellbeing.

Who would benefit from a Zyto scan?

  • Those who are looking to optimize their wellbeing and ability to heal

  • Anyone looking for answers to uncover the root cause of unidentified wellness challenges

  • Anyone who is looking for optimal ways to gently detoxify their body

  • Those who want to optimize their nutrition and take the guess work out of nutrient supplementation

ZYTO professional software provides general wellness information. ZYTO technology is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation or prevention of any disease or medical condition.

We are a referral only practice.