EVOX Voice Mapping: Change Your Perception, Change Your Life

When we are able to expand the way we perceive a person, situation or past trauma, our new expanded mindset allows us to make better choices in our lives. Every cell of our body stores subconscious emotional memories and our voice speaks for every memory stored in those cells. Emotional stress has a profound effect on our mental attitudes, our physical body and our spiritual wellbeing. Much like fingerprints, no two voice patterns are the same. This fact makes our voice an extremely accurate tool to measure the effects of these stored cellular memories as well as a way to detect the changes that occur when these energies shift. This remarkable voice mapping technology changes lives by working on a subconscious level to shine new light on an area of our life that we were unable to consciously resolve using traditional methods.

How EVOX works to change how we perceive our world:

Using an innovative voice mapping technology, the EVOX program creates a “Perception Index”,a voice map that correlates with underlying attitudes, beliefs and emotions related to the topic the client is speaking about. Once a voice map is created, the EVOX technology determines the area of the voice where the greatest compensation is occurring. Through a method similar to biofeedback, the technology effectively clears them by feeding back the missing frequencies detected in a person’s voice. Shifts in voice patterns can be noticed almost immediately. By first healing the subconscious mind, the driver of almost all behavior, more complete physical and emotional healing can begin. Subconscious roadblocks are accessed and cleared, leading to long lasting positive change.
Since the interpersonal relationships that we experience early in childhood have the most profound effect on our subconscious beliefs, healing the perceived or real traumas experienced with parents, grandparents, and caregivers, , allows many clients to experience life changing transformations just through clearing negative family or relationship patterns. These dysfunctional patterns are cleared through 5-Trans-Generational reframing sessions. After Trans-Generational sessions are complete, if needed, additional EVOX therapy sessions can target specific desired changes, such as clearing fears and phobias, improving sports or work performance, changing destructive habits or beliefs, relationship problems and achieving goals. Clients notice that they do not react to situations the same way they have in the past. Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through issues more quickly. No longer must you endure “old emotional baggage” that interferes with the quality of your life. Now you can truly experience living in the moment.

Benefits of EVOX sessions:

  • Improves management of stressful situations

  • Enriches relationships with family, friends and co-workers

  • Helps overcome fears, anxieties, worries and stress

  • Manages emotionally charged eating (stress eating)

  • Improves organization and performance at work and home

  • Helps reframe our perception of physical, emotional or spiritual wellness challenges

  • Improves personal performance by increasing your ability to focus on goals

  • Clients report that they…

    • Have more energy

    • Make better choices

    • Manage stress more constructively

    • Have great sense of inner peace and are more optimistic

    • Feel less burdened and overwhelmed

    • Focus and organization skills have improved at work and school

    • Reach more of their fitness and performance goals

We are a referral only practice.